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Concrete Antenna / RS003 - download

Concrete Antenna / RS003 - download

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  • Created by Tommy Perman, Simon Kirby and Rob St. John, Concrete Antenna is inspired by the trio's sound installation in the new landmark tower at Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop, loosely based on the urban history, architecture and ecology of Newhaven in North Edinburgh.

    Using sparse piano, site-specific field recordings and archive sound samples, alongside a number of production techniques derived from the architecture of the tower itself, the trio have produced an album which skirts modern classical composition, warm organic drones and flickering minimal electronica.

    Also available as a limited edition deluxe package including: a 12” vinyl album; art prints by Tommy; a series of short essays and a specially designed tide table. Find out more

    Catalogue no.: RS003

    Playing time: 36 minutes

    Format: WAV and MP3 (399mb in total)

    Price: £7.99

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  • "Crystalline piano, clocks, voices, birdsong, water and resonating electronics create a spring-warm sense of place and wonder"
    MOJO Magazine

    “Blending dreamily ambient keyboard melodies with environmental evocations…it offers an attractive distillation of the installation experience. A marker too of rising levels of engagement with auditory histiography in public art”

    "Alongside sounds derived from the structure itself the trio seamlessly blend in piano, brass, children at play, birdsong and a bouncing pingpong ball in a quietly affecting sculpture in sound."

    "Without a shadow of a doubt, Concrete Antenna is one of our records of the year"

    "This combination of artistic packaging, informative essay and evocative recording is a credit to all of the people involved, from musicians to designers. Even without the visuals, the music impresses; “Church Bells” is especially lovely."

    "Art + vinyl beautifully combined"

    And here's some of the radio coverage received to date. Thanks to Jarvis Cocker (BBC 6 Music 'Sunday Service'), Max Reinhardt (BBC Radio 3 'Late Junction'), Stuart Maconie (BBC 6 Music 'Freak Zone') and Gideon Coe (BBC 6 Music) for their support.

  • Included within the folder of your downloaded audio files you'll find a code which will deduct £7.99 from the cost of our deluxe 12" vinyl package. You can use this code to upgrade at any time.